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Η καινούργια έκδοση 3.4 του Dolibarr είναι τώρα διαθέσιμη και μπορείτε να την βρείτε στην περιοχή λήψης
Στην καινούργια έκδοση έχουν προστεθεί  πολλά νέα χαρακτηριστικά για τους χρήστες και τους προγραμματιστές. Η νέα έκδοση είναι υπό την άδεια GPL v3 +


Παρακάτω θα δείτε τις αλλαγές της έκδοσης αυτής σε σύγκριση με το 3.3.0:


The release of Dolibarr 3.4.0 is available. You can find it into the download area of portal (subdirectory Stable versions).

This is a major release with a lot of new features for both users and developers. This new version is released under license GPL v3+

This is full changes of this version compared to 3.3.0:

For users:
- New: Can use ODS templates as document templates.
- New: Add link to autofill/reset with quantity to ship when creating a
delivery receipt.
- New: Event into calendar use different colors for different users.
- New: Support revenue stamp onto invoices.
- New: Add a tab "consumption" on thirdparties to list products bought/sells.
- New: Some performance enhancements.
- New: Can attach files onto trip and expenses modules.
- New: Merge tab customer and prospect.
- New: Add ES formated address country rule.
- New: Can define a hierarchical responsible on user and add a tree view to
see hierarchy of users.
- New: Can expand/collapse menus, categories and users list.
- New: extra parameters are supported into ODT/ODS templates.
- New: total per vat rate are available as tags for ODT/ODS templates.
- New: Some part of interface use more CSS3 (ie: agenda)
- New: [ task #707 ] Create option "ProfIdx is mandatory to validate a invoice".
- New: Can define if we want to use VAT or not for subscriptions (foundation module).
- New: Can define a default choice for "More action when recording a
subscription" (foundation module).
- New: Add link to check professional id for India.
- New: [ task #731 ] Uniformize ref generation
- New: [ task #748 ] Add a link "Dolibarr" into left menu
- New: Script email_unpaid_invoices_to_representative accepts now a parameter "test"
and a "late delay".
- New: Can define different clicktodial setups for each user.
- New: Add hidden option INVOICE_CAN_NEVER_BE_REMOVED.
- New: Enhance agenda module to reach RFC2445 ("type" not enabled by default and add
"busy" information).
- New: Add module Opensurvey.
- New: Default approver for holidays is set by default to hierchical parent.
- First change to prepare feature "click to print" (IPP) for PDF.
- New: [ task #350 ] Merge tab customer and prospect.
- New: [ task #710 ] Add substitution into mailing send (and HTML is now valid).
- New: [ task #711 ] Add combobox for contact, as done for product/thirdparty.
- New: [ task #714 ] In Emailing module admin autogenerate security key of READRECEIPT.
- New: [ task #743 ] GED : Add aministration option to disable autotree display.
- New: [ task #767 ] Customer Address fallback when a contact doesn't have an address.
- New: [ task #768 ] WYSIWYG for all mails.
- New: [ task #773 ] Add Project document in GED(ECM) modules.
- New: [ task #783 ] Add more types for extra parameters (lists, phone, emails, checkbox,
prices, radio).
- New: [ task #798 ] Add range limit date on product/services as it is done on order
and invoice.
- New: [ task #814 ] Add extrafield feature for projects ands tasks.
- New: [ task #770 ] Add ODT document generation for Projects module.
- New: [ task #741 ] Add intervention box.
- New: [ task #826 ] Optionnal increase stock when deleting an invoice already validated.
- New: [ task #823 ] Shipping_validate email notification.
- New: [ task #900 ] Review code of ficheinter.class.php
- Fix: [Bug #958] LocalTax2 for Spain fails on Suppliers
- Fix: [ bug #972 ] Auto completion contact field do not take account the min caract number before search
- Fix: [ bug #971 ] html.form.class.php select_contact with autocomplete do not exclude id from exclude array

For translators:
- Update language files.

For developers:
- System of menu managers has been rewritten to reduce code to do same things.
- An external module can force its theme.
- Add function dol_set_focus('#xxx').
- A mymodule can bring its own core/modules/mymodule/modules_mymodule.php file.
- Removed not used libraries.
- More web services.
- Renamed some database fields, code variables and parameters from french to english.
- First change to manage margins on contracts.
- Add hook getFormMail.
- Function plimit of databases drivers accept -1 as value (it means default value set
into conf->liste_limit).
- New: Add option dol_hide_topmenu, dol_hide_leftmenu, dol_optimize_smallscreen,
dol_no_mouse_hover and dol_use_jmobile onto login page (to support different terminal).
- New: dol_syslog method accept a suffix to use different log files for log.
- New: Type of fields are received by export format handlers.
- New: when adding an action, we can define a free code to tag it for a specific need.
- New: Enhance Dolibarr migration process to include migration script of external
- New: [ task #811 ] Uniformanize note field.