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Dolibarr 3.9.4 και 4.0.3, οι τελευταίες ενημερώσεις συντήρησης για τις εκδόσεις 4.0 και 3.9 του Dolibarr ERP & CRM είναι διαθέσιμες.

Οι τελευταίες ενημερώσεις συντήρησης περιλαμβάνουν μόνο διορθώσεις σφαλμάτων που βρέθηκαν στα υποκαταστήματα των εκδόσεων. Προτείνουμε όσους χρησιμοποιούν οποιαδήποτε έκδοση των 4.0 ή 3.9, να προχωρήσουν σε αναβάθμιση στην τελευταία έκδοση συντήρησης. Όπως σε κάθε δελτίο συντήρησης δεν υπάρχουν νέα χαρακτηριστικά, ούτε αλλαγές στην δομή των δεδομένων είναι παρούσα σε αυτές τις εκδόσεις.

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English Dolibarr ChangeLog

***** ChangeLog for 4.0.3 to 4.0.2 *****
FIX: #5853 $conf->global->$calc==0 || $conf->global->$calc==1
FIX: #5958 no discount on supplier command made by replenishment
FIX: #5966 Bug: getNomUrl tooltips show Proposal info even if user has no rights to read them
FIX: #5972 #5734
FIX: #6007
FIX: #6010
FIX: #6029
FIX: #6043 - Payment mode not visible on supplier invoice list
FIX: #6051
FIX: #6062
FIX: #6088
FIX: A draft can be deleted by a user with create permission.
FIX: bad permission to see contract on home page
FIX: bad permission to see contract statistics
FIX: Bcc must not appears to recipient when using SMTPs lib
FIX: Consistent description for add or edit product
FIX: delete contract extrafields on contract deletion
FIX: Deposits and credit notes weren't added in the received and pending columns
FIX: export extrafields must not include separe type
FIX: Export of opportunity status must be code, not id.
FIX: False positive on services not activated
FIX: Filter was wrong or lost during navigation
FIX: HT and TTC price should always be displayed together
FIX: if a supplier price reference is changed after creating an order, we can't clone order.
FIX: in export. Error when using a separate extrafields.
FIX: Introduce hidden option MAIL_PREFIX_FOR_EMAIL_ID to solve pb of tracking email.
FIX: javascript error when using on mobile/smartphone
FIX: javascript xss injection and a translation
FIX: Label of project is in field title not label.
FIX: List of people able to validate an expense report was not complete.
FIX: Missing field
FIX: Module gravatar was not triggered on thirdparty and contact card
FIX: Must use external link into a forged email content.
FIX: Pb in management of date end of projects
FIX: Regression when deleting product
FIX: rendering of output of estimated amount on project overview page.
FIX: Sanitize title of ajax_dialog
FIX: Security to restrict email sending was not efficient
FIX: Setting supplier as client when accept a supplier proposal
FIX: Some statistics not compatible with multicompany module.
FIX: the time spent on project was not visible in its overwiew
FIX: Update intervention lline crash with PgSQL
FIX: wrong test on dict.php
FIX: wrong var name