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dolibarr 3.5.4

Η έκδοση του Dolibarr 3.5.4 περιλαμβάνει μόνο διορθώσεις σφαλμάτων που βρέθηκαν στη εκδοση 3.5. Συνιστούμε σε όσους χρησιμοποιούν την έκδοση 3.5 να προχωρήσουν σε αναβάθμιση στην νέα έκδοση.


Μπορείτε να τη κατεβάσετε από την περιοχή λήψης.

Αυτή η έκδοση είναι επίσης η δεύτερη κυκλοφορία που χρησιμοποιείτε το πλήρως αυτοματοποιημένο νέο σύστημα, συμπεριλαμβανομένης της σήμανσης των Github και τον συγχρονισμό με Sourceforge.


Δείτε των κατάλογο των διορθώσεων τις έκδοσης 3.5:


***** ChangeLog for 3.5.4 compared to 3.5.3 *****


Fix: Hide title of event when agenda module disabled.


Fix: When using option MAIN_MAIL_ALLOW_SENDMAIL_F, a mail was sent to sender.


Fix: Question about warehouse must not be done when module stock is disabled.


Fix: Option STOCK_SUPPORTS_SERVICES was not correctly implemented


     (missing test at some places).


Fix: Renaming a project with uplaoded files failed.


Fix: [ bug #1476 ] Invoice creation form loses invoice date when there is a validation error.


Fix: [ bug #1431 ] Reception and Send supplier order box has a weird top margin.


Fix: [ bug #1428 ] "Nothing" is shown in the middle of the screen in a supplier order.


Fix: The object deliverycompany was not used anymore and output of


     details for delivery reports was lost during 3.5. Rewrite code to


     restore feature.


Fix: [ bug #1445 ] html fix : missing </tr>


Fix: [ bug #1415 ] Intervention document model name and suppliers model names is not shown


     properly in module configuration


Fix: [ bug #1416 ] Supplier order does not list document models in the select box of the 


     supplier order card


Fix: [ bug #1443 ] Payment conditions is erased after editing supplier invoice label or 


     limit date for payment


Fix: Filter on status was not visible when selected from url.


Fix: Filtering on status was last when asking to sort.


Fix: [ bug #1432 ] Trigger SHIPPING_CREATE ignores interception on error.


Fix: [ bug #1449 ] Trigger ORDER_CREATE, LINEORDER_DELETE, LINEORDER_UPDATE and LINEORDER_INSERT ignore interception on error.


Fix: [ bug #1450 ] Several Customer order's triggers do not report the error from the trigger handler.


Fix: [ bug #1451 ] Interrupted order clone through trigger, loads nonexistent order.


Fix: [ bug #1454 ] Mention de bas de page erroné


Fix: Do not display dictionnay for non activated module 


Fix: Link element from element project pages


Fix: [ bug #1509 ] Expedition admin free text & watermark submit error


Fix: [ bug #1349 ] AJAX contact selector does not work fine in Project card


Fix: [ bug #1452 ] variable used but not defined


Fix: If multiprice level is used the VAT on addline is not correct


Fix: [ bug #1254 ] Error when using "Enter" on qty input box of a product (on supplier order part)


Fix: [ bug #1462, 1468, 1480, 1483, 1490, 1497] $this instead of $object


Fix: [ bug #1455 ] outstanding amount


Fix: [ bug #1425 ] LINEBILL_SUPPLIER_DELETE failure trigger leads to an endless loop


Fix: [ bug #1460 ] Several supplier order triggers do not show error messages


Fix: [ bug #1461 ] LINEORDER_SUPPLIER_CREATE does not intercept supplier order line insertion


Fix: [ bug #1484 ] BILL_SUPPLIER_PAYED trigger action does not intercept failure under some circumstances


Fix: [ bug #1482 ] Several supplier invoice triggers do not show trigger error messages


Fix: [ bug #1486 ] LINEBILL_SUPPLIER_CREATE and LINEBILL_SUPPLIER_UPDATE triggers do not intercept trigger action


Fix: [ bug #1522 ] Element list into associate object into project are no more filterd by project thirdparty


Fix: [ bug #1526 ] Thumbs of files uploaded with dots in their names do not load correctly


Fix: Import ProfId1 to siren and ProfId2 to siret