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Νέα έκδοση του Dolibarr ERP & CRM 3.4.2 είναι διαθέσιμη.

Το Dolibar 3.4.2 περιλαμβάνει μόνο διορθώσεις σφαλμάτων που βρέθηκαν στην 3.4.1

Προτείνουμε ανεπιφύλακτα σε όσους χρησιμοποιούν την έκδοση 3.4.0 & 3.4.1 να προχωρήσουν σε αναβάθμιση τις νέας έκδοσης. Όπως σε κάθε αναβάθμιση, υπάρχουν νέα χαρακτηριστικά, χωρίς κάποια αλλαγή στη δομή των δεδομένων.


Να σημειωθεί ότι, σύμφωνα με τον χάρτη πορείας (, η έκδοση 3.5.0 θα πρέπει να είναι διαθέσιμη αυτό το μήνα.

Μπορείτε να το κατεβάσετε από τη περιοχή λήψης 


***** ChangeLog for 3.4.2 compared to 3.4.1 *****
Fix: field's problem into company's page (RIB).
Fix: Document cerfa doesn't contained firstname & lastname from donator.
Fix: Bad rounding on margin calculations and display.
Fix: Option drop table into backup was broken.
Fix: [ bug #1105 ] Searching Boxes other search option.
Fix: wrong buy price update.
Fix: [ bug #1142 ] Set paiement on invoice (PGSql).
Fix: [ bug #1145 ] Agenda button list type do not display.
Fix: [ bug #1148 ] Product consomation : supplier order bad status.
Fix: [ bug #1159 ] Commercial search "other" give p.note do not exists.
Fix: [ bug #1174 ] Product translated description not good into PDF.
Fix: [ bug #1163 ] SQL Error when searching for supplier orders.
Fix: [ bug #1162 ] Translaction for morning and afternoon.
Fix: [ bug #1161 ] Search on product label.
Fix: [ bug #1075 ] POS module doesn't decrement stock of products in delayed payment mode.
Fix: [ bug #1171 ] Documents lost in interventions after validating.
Fix: fix unsubscribe URL into mailing when sending manually (not by script).
Fix: [ bug #1182 ] ODT company_country tag is htmlencoded.
Fix: [ bug #1196 ] Product barcode search does not expect 13th digit on EAN13 type.
Fix: [ bug #1202 ] Wrong amount in deposit % invoice from proposal.
Fix: Removed analytics tags into doc page.
Fix: Call Image on this instead of pdf.
Fix: Missing parameter for photo.
Fix: Bad SQL request for turnover report.

***** ChangeLog for 3.4.1 compared to 3.4.0 *****
Fix: Display buying price on line edit when no supplier price is defined.
Fix: Retrieving of margin info when invoice created automatically from order.
Fix: Reordering supplier products in list by supplier or supplier ref was crashing.
Fix: [ bug #1029 ] Tulip numbering mask.
Fix: Supplier invoice and supplier order are not displayed into object link into agenda event card.
Fix: [ bug #1033 ] SUPPLIER REF disappeared.
Fix: update extrafield do not display immediatly after update.
Fix: Fix bug with canvas thirdparty.
Fix: [ bug #1037 ] Consumption> Supplier invoices related.
Fix: User group name do not display in card (view or edit mode).
Fix: Link "Show all supplier invoice" on suplier card not working. 
Fix: [ bug #1039 ] Pre-defined invoices conversion.
Fix: If only service module is activated, it's impossible to delete service.
Fix: [ bug #1043 ] Bad interventions ref numbering.
Fix: Mailing module : if an email is already in destinaires list all other email from selector was not inserted.
Fix: Localtaxes balance not showing.
Fix: Intervention box links to contracts id.
Fix: Compatiblity with multicompany module.
Fix: Edit propal line was losing product supplier price id.
Fix: Delete linked element to supplier invoice when deleted.
Fix: [ bug #1061 ] Bad info shipped products.
Fix: [ bug #1062 ] Documents lost in propals and contracts validating.
Fix: Supplier price displayed on document lines and margin infos didnt take discount.
Fix: sorting on qty did not work in supplier product list.
Fix: there was no escaping on filter fields in supplier product list.
Fix: bugs on margin reports and better margin calculation on credit notes.
Qual: Add travis-ci integration.