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Η πρώτη σταθερή έκδοση 9.0.0 του Dolibarr ERP & CRM είναι διαθέσιμη.


Η 9.0.0 είναι μια έκδοση με πολλά νέα χαρακτηριστικά για τους χρήστες και τους προγραμματιστές. Μπορείτε να την βρείτε στο στην περιοχή λήψης.


Παρακάτω είναι οι αλλαγές της έκδοσης αυτής σε σύγκριση με την 8.0.0:

NEW: Stable module: DAV (WebDAV only for the moment)
NEW: Stable module "Skype" has been replaced with module "Social Networks" to support more services.
NEW: Stable module "Module Builder"
NEW: Stable module: Website
NEW: Experimental module "TakePos"
NEW: Experimental module "Ticket"
NEW: Experimental module "Data Privacy"
NEW: Experimental module "Email Collector"
NEW: Dolibarr can provide information in page title when multicompany is enabled of not, making
Android application like DoliDroid able to provide native features for multicompany module.
NEW: Compatibility with PHP 7.3 =>
NEW: Add admin page for modulebuilder
NEW: Add civility in list of members. Close #9251
NEW: Add configuration to disable "customer/prospect" thirdparty type
NEW: Add __DAY_TEXT__ and __MONTH_TEXT__ substitutions vars
NEW: Add due date column in payment lists
NEW: Add email in event history, for reminder email of expired subsription
NEW: Add event tab on resource record
NEW: Add FEC Export in accountancy
NEW: Add filter on staff range in list of thirdparties
NEW: Add a first complete template of website
NEW: Add format code into exported filename of ledger
NEW: Add link to inventory code
NEW: Add more common social networks fields for business
NEW: Add option PDF_DISABLE_MYCOMPANY_LOGO to disable logo on PDF
NEW: Add option to display thirdparty adress in combolist
NEW: Add option to swap sender/recipient address on PDF
NEW: Add option to display thirdparty adress in combolist
NEW: Add project on pament of salaries
NEW: Add somes hooks in bank planned entries
NEW: Add supplier ref in item reception page
NEW: Advanced permission to ignore price min
NEW: Allow to enter a timespent with a numeric value
NEW: Automatic position of scroll when creating an extrafield
NEW: Can add autorefresh=X in any URLs to refresh page after X seconds
NEW: can add project's task to agenda on create event form
NEW: Can delete a website in experimental website module
NEW: Can disable meteo on smartphone only
NEW: Can export/import a website template
NEW: Can filter on EEC, not EEC, etc... in binding step of accountancy
NEW: Can mix offset before and after with rules for due date of invoices
NEW: Can record the supplier product description
NEW: Can select several prospect level in thirdparty filter.
NEW: Can set 2 url in url field of thirdparty
NEW: Can set if a field is mandatory on form level.
NEW: Can set the default focus of each page.
NEW: Add category filter on user list
NEW: Change forgotten password link in general parameters
NEW: Child label of variants change if parent label changes
NEW: Compatibility with new Paybox HMAC requirement
NEW: Each user can set its prefered default calendar page
NEW: Enhancement in process to make manual bank conciliation
NEW: Enhancement in the generic file manager
NEW: Extrafield totalizable
NEW: hidden conf to search product by supplier ref
NEW: hidden constant to be able to use a thirdparty for donation
NEW: hidden option to define an invoice template for each invoice type
NEW: Highlight lines on lists when they are checked
NEW: Notification module support expense report+holiday validation and approval
NEW: On customer/supplier card, add simple tooltip to amount boxes
NEW: Page to check if the operations/items created between two dates have attached item(s) and possibility to download all attachements
NEW: possibility to add all rights of all modules in one time
NEW: redirect if only one result on global search on card
NEW: Permission to ignore price min
NEW: Can build an archive of full documents directory from backup page
NEW: tag odt line_product_ref_fourn for supplier doc lines
NEW: The binding step in accountancy has a country filter with autocompletion
NEW: Top menu is always on screen with MD theme.
NEW: Withdraw request massaction can include already partially paid invoices
NEW: Option "Simplify interface for blind persons"
NEW: Generic cash fence feature (compatible with several POS modules)
For developers:
NEW: Add lib for multiselect with checkboxes
NEW: Add function isValidMXRecord
NEW: Add hook changeRoundingMode in update_price
NEW: Add hook formconfirm to contractcard
NEW: Add hook for virtual stock
NEW: ADD url to see the last version of a external module
NEW: Can enable a module, even external module, from command line
NEW: Can set a tooltip help text on extrafields
NEW: Add product search from barcode via REST api
NEW: can add documents on agenda events using API REST
NEW: Can set the datestart and dateend of cron job into module descriptor
NEW: Close #9296 Add field ref_ext into llx_categorie
NEW: move ticket dictionary in API /setup
NEW: PHPUnitTest on Loan class #3163
NEW: Code changes to be more compatible with PSR2
NEW: Removed trigger USER_LOGOUT, USER_LOGIN, USER_LOGIN_FAILED (Some hooks are already dedicated for that)
NEW: Add agenda documents in API REST
NEW: Add "checked" field for new list engine compatibility
NEW: REST API improvements
NEW: Save external payment IDs into table of payment
NEW: triggers add commercial and del commercial
NEW: #9236 Allow to import shipment lines via API
NEW: ADD civility list in API
NEW: support selllist in the module builder
NEW: optional param to show a specific extrafield
NEW: hook formConfirm always called if hooked
NEW: hook on dispatch order fourn
Following changes may create regressions for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:
* If you use some links like viewimages.php?modulepart=mycompany&file=... in your external modules, you must
replace them with links like viewimages.php?modulepart=mycompany&file=logos/... (note that link change only for
modulepart=mycompany that now works like others).
* Remove the no more used and deprecated dol_print_graph function